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Braking Cycles Coffee & Bikes is a non-profit shop that exists to serve the at-risk youth in our communities. In the cafe you will find our customized blends from Cascadia Coffee Roasters, Jasmine Pearl Teas, One Strip Chai, Hopes Bakery pastries-as well as several other local and high quality products. Our vision is pasted to our floor in the form of 142,000 pennies hand laid to spread the message of worth and value. Whether its a business meeting, book group, or study session, you are invited to partner with us and our goal of reaching the marginalized in our community. 


"Our bike shop  is equipped to serve a range of your biking needs. Our bike technicians, as well as interns in-training, are ready to help you repair your bike, or walk you through the process of buying a new one. Our inventory is well stocked with affordable, name-brand refurbished bikes ranging from youth, to mountain, and commuter bikes. Every bike that comes through our shop is handled with professionalism, competency, and alongside our youth who are gaining a new skill."  


Pennies have become a powerful symbol to talk about worth.  Often times people will see a penny on the ground and step over it because they do not see value enough to stop and pick it up. How many times have you seen a penny, and didn't think twice about not picking it up?

We believe homeless youth are viewed in the same manner and we want to change that. Every life has value. This was the inspirations behind the beautiful penny floor in our shop. 


Do you need your coffee fix, but can't make it to the shop every day? Are you in the market for an awesome bike for you or a friend? Would you like to help spread the word about the amazing things Braking Cycles is doing by sporting your own Braking Cycles hoodie, t-shirt, or water bottle?


Check out our online store for great deals of bikes, or to see all of the latest Braking Cycles swag!

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