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Braking Cycles is a non-profit under the umbrella of Transitional Youth, established to celebrate what makes Portland most beautiful, raise awareness in what is darkest, and utilize the tools at hand to create a platform of healthy opportunity for the marginalized youth of this great city. 

Through youth apprenticeship programs, Braking Cycles is committed to offering hope and tangible job skills and real-world knowledge that will provide youth a place and opportunity to dream, reach, and achieve.  We believe this is where healthy self-sufficiency can become the new cycle. 

The Coffee Shop

Through our partnership with Transitional Youth, we are able to provide at-risk youth the opportunity to learn valuable job skills as a barista, setting them up for a future of success, self-sufficiency, and hope. It truly is coffee with a cause.

The Bike Shop

Similar to the coffee shop, our bike shop provides youth with the opportunity to become skilled bike technicians, and in turn giving them opportunities for a better future. In addition to bike repair, we also sell refurbished bikes, as well as different bike parts and accessories. You can find these in our shop or online store.

The Coffee Bike

In addition to our brick and mortar shop, we also have a coffee bike used for engaging the community at special events. This is a great chance for our youth to test out their skills in a fast-paced, diverse environment. We sell delicious cold-brew coffee, and Italian sodas out of the bike. If you'd like book the bike for an event,


Our Blend

Cascadia Coffee Roasters in Portland has developed our very own Braking Cycles Coffee Blends!  The Braking Cycles Blends is used at events from our mobile coffee bike, and is also sold to churches, coffee shops, offices, schools, and for personal use. If you'd like to purchase our blend for yourself or for your office/church/school, check out our online store.



Pennies are much like the youth we serve; they are tossed aside, stepped over, forgotten and not valued. How often have we stepped over pennies on the sidewalk? How often have we stepped over youth caught in the traps and addictions of the streets? We want to expose the lies that say there is no value in these precious youth give them and opportunity to shine!”.

With over 148,000 pennies and over 1500 hours of hard work from 200 amazing volunteers, we laid the penny floor. Each penny touched by a person who believes in the Braking Cycles mission, and has a heart to see the marginalized youth on the streets of Portland given a second chance. Come check out this amazing floor!

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